Pinutt Foods Mission :

Make people life’s happy and healthier with tasty and healthy foods

How did all got started:

It all started in 2013 when I started training for his first marathon. During those days, it was difficult to find a good source of protein without artificial additives and in November 2013 I completed his first marathon in Eifel National Park in Germany but was still searching for healthy variants of protein sources. 

By 2015, when he was training for his Half Ironman (1.9km, 90km cycling, and 21km running) and on the suggestion of Swim trainer Mrs.Susan, I started making my own protein in form of Peanut butter (with only one ingredient and that is roasted peanuts) and I was also making few protein bars for Myself. They were tasty and I felt more energetic instantly and finally, I completed my first Half Ironman on November 7th, 2015 in Austin, Texas. 

I thought why can't I bring similar healthy snacks and essentials, which I made for myself to people interested in sports and fitness. That’s when Pinutt Foods evolved out of personal need and want to transform into a global brand.

What started as a side hustle for finding quality protein is now serving the entire fitness community with endless protein variants that are priced just right. We have successfully extended our inventory to delicious vegan protein, snack balls, and considerably more on a mission to render the energy you need to build.

haha that is how i look, when i finished the race :)